wknd in rearview

a mere 10 mi yesterday but – still battling this cold/exhaustion/whatever – it was akin to running through sludge. Considered stopping after 3 mi but this upcoming wknd is 15 mi so I’m gonna have to deal w/ pain/exhaustion at some juncture. I bit the bullet.

I was greatly aided by a new pair of running shoes that I got due to the maneuverings of a good and generous soul. thank you jonathan e.

elsewhere and meantime, saw 2 movies yesterday ‘flags of our fathers’ and ‘stranger than fiction’ both of which were fantastic in different ways. I’ve been on a real WWII kick lately. can’t explain it. the previous white-noisey background meaningless quality of History lately has altered and become somehow relevant, germane, essential. I must be aging. In any case, the movie was great – I wept like an infant throughout – and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the counterpart. loved STF too.

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