onward and onward

didn't get to that maintenance run. nor did i get to that 10 mi wknd run. was wiped out, flattened, couched by malady. it seems like i avoided marg's flu but instead have been fighting an on-again/off-again type of cold over the past several wks - as evidenced by the blips in my training. jeez louise. went home sick from work on Thursday, called in on Friday. it was at its worst this wknd. starting to feel better today.

walked to the laurelhurst yest. and saw the fountain, which i'm not quite sure how to evaluate. love d. aronofsky and love any type of studio film that takes chances but this is a film that features a brain tumor so i can't sink backward into anonymous viewership and make good/bad proclamations. parts were very emotional for me but i'm not sure if the whole thing works or not. it might. need more time to mull it. bonus: tracking shot replicated/borrowed from ikiru - [right after watanabe is diagnosed w/ stomach cancer, he soundlessly pads down a tokyo street, sparks flying from behind some random shop - here w/ h. jackman]. very cool.

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