potent realization

last night was going over my training schedule, checking out the upcoming runs and distances and making mental plans as to courses, times, dates, whatnots when i realized something: i have miscalculated and am a month ahead of schedule.

that is to say, i'm on week 14 of training but i should only be on week 10.

this mental lapse can only be attributed to all the radiation i had in '05. frequently i struggle to summon a word or make a basic calculation or remember a date and things get fuzzy. of course, marg says i'm misremembering there as well stating that my command of all things numerical has always been - being kind here - an atrocious and feeble thing to behold.

ah, anyway. so it's good. gives me a little breathing room. allows me to, say, not run yesterday or today and to sleep in and get some rest, which i've needed to stave off
whatever flu/bug/virus it is that's being swapped from maw to gaping maw around town.
hoping to get back to a maintenance run tomorrow and then this wknd revert backwards to wk 10 of training. also, in fighting this thing my motivation has gone
screwy. not uncommon to burn out. hopefully these couple days off can recharge, renew, remotivate.

i'm almost up to 3 grand in fundraising. people have been amazing.

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