yes, as in 16 mi. elected to break the monotony of my dual lapping at laurelhurst and tabor reservoir which tends after awhile to resemble a hamster wheel in terms of repitition. headed down stark to the river and hopped on the springwater corridor,
running back thru the old haunts: brooklyn, oaks bottom. it was a nice change of scenery.

listened to fresh air while i ran, one where t. gross interviews bob woodruff and his wife about his brain injury recovery and the memoir they wrote wherein they trade chapters. gave me pause initially as being deathly close to what mm and i are writing but after awhile i realized it doesnt' really matter. they're close and different both. who cares anyway?

stopped at the parents' house in sellwood to refill water bottle and headed back.
it was a good 1/2way pt to be sure. one negative is the uphill nature of the return once i left the river and found my way back to stark. that one hurt.

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