18 going on 19

started raining friday night and by all accounting it was to continue into and through the dawn. when i woke, there was a grey pall overhead but no actual precipitation so i ventured forth armed w/ a kneebrace and 2 packets of liquid carbohydrates.

went down to the river via hawthorne br. and all the way up to sellwood. wove my way through the streets, picking up the new part of the springwater corridor. timed it so i'd end up at the parents to refill water bottle and refresh w/ only an hr left on my run. ended up feeling good (and being far enough from home) to do 19 mi instead of 18 which was good. my knee started bothering me about 90 min in which was bad. still kind of hurts today. may ease up on the training/mileages in honor of the idea of actually finishing the marathon, which is now a mere 5 wks away.

a busy wknd. saw friends, saw houses, did taxes. oh, learned today that p & c
had their baby and all is well. oh, and on friday heard from tim and from tom and both had good news to report on recent scans. awesome all around.

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