cleveland v. portland 1/30/08

went to rose garden last night, 6pm tip. real nice game for 3 quarters. but here's a thought: when you have a 1 pt lead w/ 5 seconds left and the cavs are inbounding you can be certain that the ball is going to the league's leading scorer, so you should put a body or two on him. you should/could maybe even foul him. at the very least you should not step aside and show him a clear, unimpeded pathway to the basket so he can glide into the paint and lay it up. whatever you do, don't do that.

our last trip to the rose garden (houston v portland 1/25) was a loss as well, but this one hurt more. so close...


Carrie said...

See, that's why I don't care about basketball. It hurts too much when they do something stupid like that.

bp said...

oh, but when it goes right there's nothing like it.
agony & ecstasy all in one consumable nugget