the wknd in capsule

another busy one w/ arms and tendrils spreading and not enough time to get what needs doing done. got a haircut, ran, went to family gathering, went to tu fawning ep release at rotture, learned about chi running courtesy of mm's boss, squeezed in a couple naps, watched most of band of outsiders, ducked into the academy theater to stay cool, etc ad nauseum.

this morning i took part in an online telephone conference call survey for chordoma and chondrosarcoma patients. it went long and since i had to run 40 min this AM i had to rush off and then jump in the shower so i didn't have time to meditate but i stopped in the park across from city hall before i got to my building and took care of it there. i was that guy. but i was glad to be that guy. lucky.

oh and throughout, various long-gestating nebulae are finally forming solid for 'the black sea'. persons and budgets and schedules. not solid yet. but getting there. stay tuned.

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