a good year

and so 2008 thunders to a close. can i say it was a great year? it was, for us anyway. a momentous year of change, sucess, actualization, attainment, process, travel, movement, death, (re)birth, breakthrough. here we find ourselves, on the lip of so many glorious things, on the edge of living the lives we've dreamt for ourselves, on the margin of something so beautiful. {note: i'm a little prone to overdoing it here, in no small part b/c i'm still riding the high of the blazer victory over the celtics last night - wow, what a game. that said:}.

ride like the wind, like a glorious unicorn leaping from mountain-tops, across ravines, illumined by the glow of the star-scape! ride man ride! on to 2009!

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lady said...

HELLS YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!