new moon cafe, olympia wa

a snowstorm necessitated an overnight in olympia, wa. in the AM, we woke b/f hitting the rd b/c we wanted to give the sun time to melt things and trucks time to clear paths. walked down sidewalks in icy chill. we ducked into the new moon café for tofu benedict, chevre omelette and coffees. we wrote in the notebook that was placed on our table, right b/t the homemade blackberry jam and the napkin dispenser. photographs from a local photographer lined the walls. our server wore earrings made by a local artisan. figure 8 (the album) by elliott smith was playing. the menu boasted of locality and sustainability and an admirable number of hand-peeled potatoes per week. we hatched several creative proposals, among them documenting cafés in small towns. we walked up the street and found our car. we hit the road back to portland.

(note: above photograph not mine, found online, but you probably figured that out since there is foliage in the shot)

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