discovery, felled tree


ms. yvon said...

dang! is that your yard or sipes?
i notice sipes has a bottle from deschutes. :)
nice to get some henry action, too.

bp said...

that is our yard. happened when we were in dc. returned to find it.
sipes refuses to chainsaw w/o obsidian stout. hard to argue w/ that

ms. yvon said...

good deal. but important to remember:
chainsaw first, stout second. :)

looks like the tree cleared the homestead. ok?
(dude, btwn this and the awning over your front door, this winter has been tough on your pad.)

bp said...

it's almost like the universe is whispering "don't you want to move closer in?"

ms. yvon said...

it's also saying something about a movie at the laurelhurst...

xtine said...

this film is gorgeous. and: i'm glad the house is safe.

and hey: i've put your blog on my following list which displays title and most recent post, but on yours the recent post won't update. it's stuck on 'cleveland vs. portland' 1/08! has been for weeks. want folk to see your stuff... know how to fix this?

all hail,

bp said...

not sure xtine. you might try removing me and re-adding to your followed list? maybe that would help reset it somehow?