instant message(s)...

early am, tues.
i am at the kitchen sink, facing windowed corner in sw.
m opens the front dr to retrieve newspaper
and an enormous flash moves outside the window, in conjunction w/ the sound of the door, flying
into the air, suddenly gone.

i lean toward the window to follow - a large crow i suspect - and
see the shrinking image of a hawk landing on a distant

m re-enters asking, 'did you see that?'. the hawk had flown
just past her.

quite unusual to see such a thing in such circumstances. So close to the house.both of us seeing it simultaneously. we'd only seen b/c we slept past the alarm b/c we had trouble sleeping b/c we had too much red wine b/c we were celebrating my 4 yr surgery anniv.

hawk - i hear - is a good omen.
hawk is the messenger,
saying pay attention.
you are about to receive information.
above all else, pay attention.

a confluence of several promising rivers, should we put names to them: opportunity. fortune. possibility. change.

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