blazers v suns 3.26.09

ridiculous game last night. rudy fernandez in particular. [went w/ my mom and dad, the former who only agreed to come after I provided her w/ earplugs. these came in handy as the fellow sitting immediately behind her was the guy who has no compunction about sharing his estimation of every single posession, foul, movement at full-throated volume. Sampling: "Shaquille's ass just made that shot!", "That's called a walk ref! You suck ref! That's called a walk!!!"].

here's the last few seconds of the 3rd quarter:


Taffy "Sunburst" McKittrick said...

I'm not much of a sports "fan" or "fanatic" but that was awesome!

lady said...

who the "fuck" is taffy?

bp said...

i'm not exactly sure but he's entertaining enough. i think he's harmless

Taffy "Sunburst" McKittrick said...

Yes! Totally harmless! I'm just digging this blog so I comment on it. I'm honored that you consider me entertaining! You should check out my blog if you're bored or something. Just a thought!