memory, persistence of

saturday pm we went to see a mt eerie performance at the white stag building in downtown portland. in addition to being the best 5 bucks either of us had spent in a long while, the idea - an artist lives in the building for a wk, then creates something based on the experience - was intriguing to say the least and put me in a contemplative frame of mind.
Afterward we went to see The Class (which was great) and the theater happened to also be showing Jan Troell's Everlasting Moments which i had been hearing/reading about lately and I felt a sudden urgency to see it. I announced that I was coming back the next afternoon to see a matinee. mm was all too happy to have some time to herself.

the next afternoon, on a strange day of weather which would later include epic thunderstorm, the sun is out. I enter the theater and it's the bigger theater at the facility, one i haven't been in before, but it smells - along w/ the sunshine and the popcorn - exactly like the arcata theater did, way back in the day. this gets me thinking about how I used to go see movies all the time by myself then - the minor theater and arcata both - and how my interest/love/ambition filmwise can all be traced to back there, including me working at the broadway in eureka as a projectionist.

So the film begins. It's about a Swedish family in the 18th century but it's also about cameras and film and image and fleeting moments which dovetails nicely w/ the contemplative reflective place my mind has been hovering.

We're about 10 minutes in and the film stops suddently; and the film cel starts melting, seemingly, on the screen. I run out to the lobby and tell them. The projectionist runs in and stops the film and turns on the house lights. I suddenly see, with all that past swimming in the air, four rows in front of me, my first film professor from arcata, sitting, watching.


Carrie said...

no way! So did you say hello? Tell him/her what influence he/she had on your life?

mogomom said...

amazing. really really awesome and very padian-esque.

ms. yvon said...

funny how these things are like a deluge!

that olfactory sense is powerfully evocative. :)

as mogomom said: very padian-esque!