this year has been one for the books already and it's only 1/2 way thru. since there is the risk of ruining/altering the good progress we've made by shining light on it ala heisenberg-uncertainty-principle, making it more defined thru explication, hard light not shadow, on the surface not under it - it's probably best to leave it alone and do some type of summation at the appropriate juncture, should that moment present itself. otherwise, let's just say that mm and i have collectively and individually made strides and leave it at that and that this year is one of those years and leave it at that. for now.

this wknd we returned to the beach house in arch cape (our 2nd visit in 3 mos). amazing wknd w/ amazing collection of friends and a baby and 2 dogs (1 ours). there were sunsets and and a bonfire and beach walks and and cheese and single-malt scotch and a vegan chocolate-peanut butter cake. hard to top.

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