cure for what ails

margaret and i were both home sick 3 days in a row. a perfect opportunity to rewatch that's entertainment to my way of thinking, a perfect opportunity to make endless fun of me for doing so to margaret's. Fine, throw me your taunts gentle woman, tease, prod, laugh at me. But try to deny the curative powers of fred astaire and ginger rogers and you'll be doing a fool's errand.
oh yes. you will.

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Gigi Little said...

Yay, I'm with you, Brian (sorry margaret). What a great clip, too. Love that number. People always talk about Astaire first, and I love the easy-quirky style of his dancing, but I'm always struck, watching this number, by how lovely Rogers' acting-within-dancing is. Her whole body telling us what she feels about this guy as she's danging with him.

Thanks for the treat - and hope the two of you are heading to feeling better.