random scattering

m and i both have several plates spinning currently as we make our way - a wk from today - to puerto rico. the vacation feels essential but currently it feels also like one of the plates, requiring nurture and attention, distracting us from the other, more urgent needs of other plates. i'm 1/2 way through shooting a short film (which has multiple strands needing tending) and, m is applying to grad school for fiction and prepping for a reading tomorrow night, which by coincidence is her b-day. it's all been a little exhausting, in a good way ultimately since we're doing what we want/need to do, but exhausting nonetheless. add to that the fact that we've been abstaining from sugar and alcohol this month and things quickly feel punishingly masochistic.

this wknd i finally saw hiroshima mon amour and was struck by many things, among them emanuelle riva. monday i had off due to holiday and took the opportunity to re-watch kieslowski's 3 colors trilogy and there, in bleu, as juliette binoche's mom, is emanuelle riva. also watched lyme life which i rather enjoyed until i listened to the director commentary track, which was so so self-congratulatory and dull that it retro-actively undid my enjoyment of the movie. last night we watched a german film from a couple yrs ago called yella, which i liked but did not love, but it got me thinking so that's something. a triangle, an office park, a countryside, some mysterious element that keeps you engaged at least on a base level - that's enough to lay a feature upon, is it not?

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