puerto rico - day 5 - rincon

there's no clock so we set the alarm on m's blackberry ('something wicked this way comes' by barry adamson). we wake up early having spent the previous night at calypso w/ friends, drinking too much dead guy ale. we have coffee as the sun rises over the water. there's granola and oat milk but we pass, neither of us hungry. one of us (me) will regret this later.

we drive through rincon, very early, no one about, drive to the black eagle marina, we park, walk into taino divers. we're fitted for mask and fins. we buy an underwater camera. there's about 8 other people w/ us on the boat, plus the captain and mate. we're told that due to the wind we won't be going out to descheco island but instead will head toward mayaguez. once we're on the water the ocean chop is such that we stop and change plans again: we'll stay local and do 3 stops. all of which is fine except it is a very bumpy ride and for one who has had too much to drink the evening prior, only coffee the morning of, and zero food to speak of, the bounce can verge on unpleasant. at last we stop. anchor down. 2 people are scuba, the rest snorkel. we jump in.

i've never snorkeled before. the first ten minutes i'm in the water is spent spitting out salt water, adjusting against breathing instincts, but eventually i get the hang of it. the water is blue and warm. fish everywhere. we anchor up and move to the 2nd spot and m and i realize that we are dead in front of where we were 2 nights ago for the wedding. i can see the tree on the beach that we laid under that night. we're back in the water and i'm suddenly not feeling my best. i vomit in the ocean. i feel better. we anchor up and move to the 3rd spot. I'm back in. I take pictures w/ our underwater camera.

later we're at banana dang.
later we're back home, napping, exhausted and sun-burnt.
later we're at the lazy parrot eating dinner and we see a couple of snorkel-mates from Boston. they're enjoying dead guy ale.
later we're at tamboo drinking and then walking up the street
to the bar/restaurant that we had breakfast at a couple days prior. broken surfboards on the ceiling, window slats open. we're drinking w/ friends new and old.

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