oscars, the

historic year this was, not merely b/c of kathryn bigelow's win but b/c it was the 1st yr in, oh, 13 plus years that m and i did not host an oscar party (sorry coco!). next year we'll be back. meantime, enjoy this bounty of assorted thoughts:

-i have yet to see avatar and i didn't love hurt locker per se but i was so thrilled to have the latter best the former. a resounding win for the little guy, female directors, iraq movies, etc.
- thrilled to see logorama win best animated short. well-deserved.
- not so thrilled to see The New Tenants (the worst of the live-action shorts) win. movie feels like a naked bid for legitimacy, w/ name actors, 'comedic' deaths, bag of drugs, hijinks. not so good. i much preferred 'the door' and 'instead of abracadabra'
-unlike a lot of people, i liked the li'l testimonials before best actor/actress.
-why is the death tribute always mawkish and awkward instead of solemn and honorific?

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CarrieP said...

I liked the testimonials too..it was nice to get a little idea of what the actor/actress was like to work with. I think the reason the death montage is so awkward is that they present each person as if we should care about them equally when obviously we don't. So the whole thing is a giant lie, and people find themselves feeling guilty that they don't know who this or that behind-the-scenes person was and that guilt gets in the way of the genuine feeling for the people they actually do know.