saw this on saturday and haven't stopped thinking about it. genre but perfectly executed. amazing last 5 minutes.


iozl said...

I want to see this quite a bit. Did you see 'Thirst'? It seemed to have a similar mood, other than being from the same country. Thirst didn't get great reviews, but I thought it was a really interesting film.

BTW - the library has the 4 disc Criterion collection of Pedro Costa's films. Only watched one so far, and not sure what I thought of it.

Also, wonder if you saw either of the Roy Andersson movies that are available on Netflix. One is available at the library - interesting to get your take on it.

Elizabeth Munroz said...

Mom's will go to great lengths for their kids.

bp said...

mother is still playing at living room theater downtown. recommended if you can tolerate digital projection...i haven't seen thirst but i'll check it out. already have the costa set on hold, as well as one of the andersson's. i'll report back