L'Intrus, etc

so there's about 115 movies on the summer project list (see below). this culled from sight & sound, and film comment and other sources but w/o getting too academic about it: stuff i keep meaning to see. the pool gets bigger by the day so this is a preventive measure akin to emptying a lake with a spoon. i'm going to see as many as possible by labor day wknd and chatter briefly about them if/when the urge strikes. to date i've seen three: 35 shots of rum, goodbye dragon inn, and L'Intrus. each glorious in different ways (though 2 have a director, Claire Denis, in common) but L'Intrus, man o man. what can be said? it's still resonating and humming through me, vibrating at a frequency i understand, even if i cannot translate specifically what it says or frankly what the plot is even about. Amazing piece of cinema. Could not find an embeddable trailer so go

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