i'd like to say something here succinct and eloquent about
the importance of travel and the importance of vacation
and the distinction between the two and how we thought
this trip would be one but was really the other but i'm not sure i can. further
i'd like to delineate each day, hour, moment as a means
of capturing what happened, like a firefly in a jar, but what happened
is somewhat irreducible.

suffice to say, words are blunt instruments but here's one: spectacular.

it is strange to be back. daily grind and all.
we attach meaning to such slender things. such ephemera.


lady said...

here's another one: pacific

Gigi Little said...

you may not think you can express it, but you have - with the perfect words and the perfect lack thereof. [i say that not knowing a thing about your trip, of course, but you sure communicated something.]

Anonymous said...

hex sez

blunt instrument: ephemera

from the greek: ephemeros, from 'epi-' on, + 'hemera-' day.

hesiod opens his mouth about the goddess hemera. her mother is nyx, who according to hesiod, gave birth also to the three fates, sleep, death, strife, and pain. which makes all these siblings to day.

Hesiod, Theogony 744 ff :
"[At the ends of the earth, where lie the roots of earth, sea, Tartaros :] There stands the awful home of murky Nyx wrapped in dark clouds. In front of it [Atlas] the son of Iapetos stands immovably upholding the wide heaven upon his head and unwearying hands, where Nyx and Hemera draw near and greet one another as they pass the great threshold of bronze: and while the one is about to go down into the house, the other comes out at the door. And the house never holds them both within; but always one is without the house passing over the earth, while the other stays at home and waits until the time for her journeying come; and the one holds all-seeing light (phaos) for them on earth."

going in, coming out. across a threshold of bronze.

what is the house they both return to?