altering landscape

Some great bits wash ashore from the internet and intersect in thematic ways. The general undercurrent is the constantly-changing-before-our-eyes-mode-of-film production/consumption and the how/what/why. This impacts filmmaker and audience alike.

first, this great interview w/ Jean Renoir about art v. technical progress, about how modernity and tech. advancement takes you further from artistic purity. (note: I drink this stuff up. sooo good)

h/t a bittersweet life

then, this excerpt from S. Soderbergh interviewing Gordon Willis

 h/t cinephilia and beyond

All of this is both enervating and depressing, the latter for (I presume/hope) obvious reasons and the former b/c cinema continues to evolve and endure. Despite the fact that you can now watch Kubrick or Tarkovsky on your ipad (read: not the intended final format) the central psycho-mythological core that impels it to exist will not diminsh.

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