15 miles - 2/3/07

slept in a little on sat. AM, which was very nice.
hit the road around 9:30, knowing that I’d be out there for about 2 ½
hrs. usually, you lock into a zone and the time goes but sometimes it can get slightly boring. to counter this possibility I loaded an f scott Fitzgerald short story onto the ipod shuffle (The Bridal Party). I didn’t know when it would come up but since each part of the story takes close to 30 minutes to narrate it would be a good buffer and time-eater. as it happens, part one came up w/ about an hour left and part 2 came up on the run home, that is I walked through the front door and it was still continuing. it came from a stack of books-on-tape that MJ had burned for us for the drive out to Boston (and the drive home for that matter). I will re-up from that package for the longer runs.

mm was sick w/ flu all wknd so we had a low-key time. had to cancel brunch w/ rob & bev, unfortunate b/c about a yr ago we cancelled brunch w/ rob & bev b/c I was ill. anyway, got to see most of season 6 of the sopranos which was very awesome and a couple of movies that were so-so. oh, and I finally got to try that crockpot. thanks mom.

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