the above is from david foster wallace's speech to graduates at  kenyon college in 2005. it's been floating around for awhile but i never read it all the way thru until yesterday. and i haven't stopped thinking about it since. sometimes interior matters are addressed in an abstract manner (ie, do good, think peacefully etc) that, for me anyway, goes out the window at the first signs of actual friction, stress, real world etc, but this speech successfully includes the non-abstract. block off ten minutes and read it.


home, sick

spent the past 2 days at home, nursing some mild affliction of unknown origin. along w/ sore throat and achey limbs, i found myself trapped in some strange area of nostalgia for days past, pining/aching for long ago corridors of college. i know this only underscores my age and the distance between then and now but i felt it all the same. not certain what brought it on but it led me to re-watch noah baumbach's 'kicking and screaming' which encapsulates that period perfectly. should you not have seen it, the below is a bad trailer for a great film.


when the cat's away...

...the mouse will eat pizza for dinner and breakfast, will leave dishes untouched and not fret, will clean up the dog's errant evacuations, will lay on the couch watching bela tarr's werckmeister harmonies - a film comprised of 39 unbroken shots (some, like the below, in the 8-10 min range), will lay on the couch watching james gray's debut little odessa, will lay on the couch finally seeing edward yang's yi yi.