two pictures

each worth one thousand words.
first: from gustave courbet: the sea

and then, edited to reflect/isolate the important data, my MRI report from Saturday,
key word:    unchanged


intra-ocular magnification

Many things going on right now so i've been unable to properly assess (read: blog about) them all. Friday was MM's birthday, Saturday I had my annual follow-up MRI at the very hospital/waiting room that's mentioned at the start of M's essay the first week of after and then went home where i wrapped my latest short film my beer with bill some hours later. in addition i've started running again and gone on the wagon after many months of sloth and too many beers. planning another trip to hawaii as well as nyc and iceland and switzerland. updating my film company site. about to head into a flurry of film noir watching in prep for my next short film. doing weekly podcast which you can follow either here or here. i'm probably forgetting some stuff.


directors' roundtable

if you have 70 minutes to burn you could do a lot worse than clicking


to see the annual hollywood reporter directors roundtable, which seems to pop up every awards season.
this one features lisa cholodenko, david o. russel, tom hooper, derek cianfrance, darren aronofsky, and peter weir.


podcast, cont'd

episode 2 of the podcast is up and running.
9 minutes of full-throated glory
you can find it here



first off, let me bid you a Happy New Year and wish you a glorious and bountiful 2011.
Now, should you be so inclined or should you be stuck somewhere with nine minutes to kill, let me direct you toward my first attempt at a podcast on movies, from one of my other blogs. featuring special guest margaret malone. you can find it here.