ran 3 mi yest and today b/c i can't tomorrow due to a work thing
to boring to get into.
must admit to some trepidations about this wknds upcoming 18 miler
not to mention rain is forecast for both sat and sun

oprah just picked 'the road' by c. mccarthy. holy crap
i finally got around to reading it last wk. found it epic and
stunning. all superlatives are appropriate.


12 mi run

weather not agreeable at all on Sat AM. plus i did not feel like running.
mm and i went to see 'rules of the game' at cinema 21. afterward it had stopped raining so i took my chances. 4 minutes in it began to rain. soldiered on
and it ended up being fine. sunday was gorgeous of course but what can you do?
you never know.

worked w/ mm on the press release for the nbtf. very difficult to have perspective on this event and i found myself veering into darkness. mm had to yank me back.
hopefully done by today. i'll email it to them and that'll be that.

saw lives of others yesterday. damn impressive


das hund was eine blutwurst

mm been having terrible coughing fits at night, impacting both of our sleeping schedules, not aided by the cats, nocturnal i'm reminded. haven't had good sleep for a wk. but plus we've been busy.

next wk mm has a wk off from write around portland. well-earned and sure to be well-enjoyed. as for me, i realized i only have a couple more super long runs before the marathon. the training goes up and down you see. you'll do a 14 one wk, a 10 the next, a 16 the next, a 12 the next. this wknd is 12 and i'm tickled b/c that's a short one. funny the shift of perspective.

ran 3 mi this am. slept in till the latest possible moment and hence had to take maxwell w/ me. naturally, there were off-leash dogs everywhere. i'm sure if max was more controllable or better trained i'd have less of an issue w/ it but
it's a big frustration.

riding the bus to work this AM down Morrison. red light at 12th. The 70 crossed n bound. saw daniella sitting en route to work (i presume). two souls w/ film-y backgrounds transplanted from LA going to work at their non-film-y day jobs. what does it mean? maybe nothing but it felt like it should mean something. or could? the notion of success has been in the air this wk - pouring full self into work that is not acknowledged while lesser talents or those w/ baser aims find wide-scale approbation. random? godless? difficult to determine. the key is to endure.



yes, as in 16 mi. elected to break the monotony of my dual lapping at laurelhurst and tabor reservoir which tends after awhile to resemble a hamster wheel in terms of repitition. headed down stark to the river and hopped on the springwater corridor,
running back thru the old haunts: brooklyn, oaks bottom. it was a nice change of scenery.

listened to fresh air while i ran, one where t. gross interviews bob woodruff and his wife about his brain injury recovery and the memoir they wrote wherein they trade chapters. gave me pause initially as being deathly close to what mm and i are writing but after awhile i realized it doesnt' really matter. they're close and different both. who cares anyway?

stopped at the parents' house in sellwood to refill water bottle and headed back.
it was a good 1/2way pt to be sure. one negative is the uphill nature of the return once i left the river and found my way back to stark. that one hurt.


three mi, nice and easy

mm and i have been on overload lately, between writing projects, planning for paris, looking at houses, write around portland (her) and marathon training (me). exhausting. we've both been sick a lot this winter. usually on running mornings i get up early, then run, then write for an hour, then go to work. i axed the writing today to get a little more needed sleep. well worth it.
hence, ran a little later than usual as a result.

sun was higher in the sky, bluer than usual. corridors of flowering shrubs in laurelhurst. took maxwell with despite his insistence on sniffing every square inch of land that he came upon.


15 again

did 15 mi on saturday. Once you get into mileages over 6 or 7 you face a different sort of running animal; one of boredom, langour, thoughts that extend and richochet and swoop and unfurl and then you look at your watch and you realize you still have at least 2 hours left of running. that can be un-fun. i had the thought for the first time in my marathon training why oh why would any sensible person do this?

saturday was okay though. started in laurelhurst park, going round and round. i go outside the outer perimeter of the park and then duck in at ankenny @ 39th. a woman running inside the park and i kept joining up when i'd come inside from the street. after the 3rd time she spoke to me.
we talked for a bit and ran together for a bit. turns out she and her husb. moved here from LA. industry ties. screenwriting etc.

after i went up to mt tabor and round the reservoir. my legs were aching and endurance flagging. also, was wondering when i got home whether m and i would put an offer in on a house. we did and for some time the future world swelled with
possibilities. offer rejected today. not to despair though. onward, onward.


fragmentary repositioning

the clouds parted and i finally ran 12 mi on sat. and man o man did my legs ache. it's quite amazing how quickly one can get out of shape. but basically i hadn't gone on a long long run like that in almost a month due to cold/flu and rain. good to be back. this morning did a 3 mi maintenance run w/ maxwell around laurelhurst park. everything is blooming and blossoming and looking quite lovely indeed.

been reading 'the keep' by j. egan. awesome.