the union of movie and baby

so i just wrapped production on a short film last tuesday (you can track its current and future progress here should you have that inclination.) last wknd we shot in the basement of my current residence, a rental in SE portland. We dressed the basement to resemble a secretary's office and planned the shot - a simple dolly in as the secretary answers a phone call. since the dolly was an onset decision we didn't have track but we did have a wheelchair we had grabbed from the previous day's location, a garage in outer SE. the floor had a slight bump right where the move was going to take place. we ended up ditching the wheelchair and flipping a bookshelf on its front and laying two inserts from a table on top and then grabbing a nearby wheeled item (a brand-new as yet unused baby stroller) and mounting the camera on top, thereby accomplishing several things simultaneously a) getting the shot b)providing on-the-nose metaphor for the act of making movie itself c) breaking in stroller d) giving future occupant of stroller either a complex or bragging rights, depending on his disposition.


...the tick-tocking of the clock...

Time marching forward, a fixed point on the horizon, a line in the sand, a before/after blip on the space-time continuum, a freight-train (whose exact dimensions and impactful-flattening capacities are tbd) barrelling our way - all engendering some admixture of fear and excitement in (mostly) equal measure.
six point five tiny weeks. we have shower/party this wknd, a guest in town, then another guest in town
and then we're going to sit in the house behind the locked front door and wait, savoring each last liquid moment of silence...


call me

i can't tell you how much i am not a fan of cell-phones. i don't like to watch people 'interacting' w/ them on the bus or at a movie theater or at a restaurant. i count the times i've witnessed couples or families on separate cell-phone calls or texts or whatevers as among the best representation of the worst of modern life. i am aware this makes me look cranky and non-integrated. this is all by way of saying, due in part (okay, in total) to the new arrival (see below post. no, not the song, the one under it) and all the attendant spreading limbs of change slowly wrapping around us, that after a decade of not-having-a-cellphone, which really did not put my life at a detriment in any, way, shape, or form - i've capitulated. last week m found a good deal online, too good to pass up, so we ordered me one.

i came home from work yesterday and the new phone was on the porch in a box. (next to it was another box filled with 16 millimeter film stock from kodak. two separate tracks, alternate worlds, now intersecting, ribboning toward the horizon). i haven't yet opened it. but it's in the house. lurking. waiting.