film project

I've been MIA on this blog for many months. apologies but I've been super busy with a) tot (which is a time-consumptive enterprise of the highest order) and b) getting ducks in a row for my feature film, the black sea.

I've literally been working on this script for 8 years. Right in the middle of the first draft (2004) I started having the bad headaches and blurred vision that, I learned, were the harbingers of a brain tumor. That's how long ago it was. The script is now done, I've been directing shorts for the past several years in anticipation of this film. I am currently seeking funds on USA Projects.  If for some reason you haven't been emailed or seen me post about this film on some social network or other, then here for your audio/visual consumption is the video pitch

and here is the link to donate/contribute/support if you are feeling like spreading the love.

It's a very small amount we're trying to raise for a feature, particularly since we're shooting on film. However, it's not lost on us that the economy is in the toilet and times are tight. Anything you can do, even if it's just to pass it on to others, is most welcome.