2*1*07 training run

3 mi. clear skies but real cold.
these little runs are becoming easier and easier
and hence more fun. didn't bring maxwell and
when i returned home i found that he thanked me by eating out
the lining of one of my slippers. tragic, as i loved those slippers.
they were a bday gift from mm. sigh.

a good morning though. spirits high. not only did
we go to a winning blazer game at the rose garden
w/ joe & corinna last night (spotted this homemade sign:
"Blaze the Nugs") but we got word from tokyo
that Fritz & Angela's twin boys were born and all's well.

mm and i spent the AM frantically getting together
our application for a writing retreat, a place
where we can finish our book. deadline to apply was today.
fingers crossed

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