return of The Return

sat. morning the sky was blue and the birds were chirping.
buds are blossoming in laurelhurst park and floral whiffs were swirling.
[no really, they were].
it was a fitting day to run after nearly 2 wks off. spring in the air
the return, the rebirth, recharged and effervescent.
only did 6 miles but felt great and strong like horse.
margaret and maxwell sauntered over and I was able to run with him for awhile
and then pass him back to her when the going got rough.

today was cold and bleeding rain but ran anyway for 3 mi and felt great.

aside from the running this wknd saw multiple movies
in prep for the oscars. notes on a scandal, last king of scotland
all the nominated shorts (live-action & animation), and pan’s labryinth. also, saw
casino royale last night too just because. Last king was impressive
and not just b/c of F. Whitaker, though yes he was amazing.
I loved Pan’s Lab too. Heard some lukewarm reactions but it’s
a stunning film, in the best possible sense(s).

oh, marg & I also both
separately returned to the studio. first time in many months
for either of us. we both felt recharged by it. exciting.

and managed to have a great dinner at paul/chloe’s and
w/ my parents too. on different nights obviously.

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