15 again

did 15 mi on saturday. Once you get into mileages over 6 or 7 you face a different sort of running animal; one of boredom, langour, thoughts that extend and richochet and swoop and unfurl and then you look at your watch and you realize you still have at least 2 hours left of running. that can be un-fun. i had the thought for the first time in my marathon training why oh why would any sensible person do this?

saturday was okay though. started in laurelhurst park, going round and round. i go outside the outer perimeter of the park and then duck in at ankenny @ 39th. a woman running inside the park and i kept joining up when i'd come inside from the street. after the 3rd time she spoke to me.
we talked for a bit and ran together for a bit. turns out she and her husb. moved here from LA. industry ties. screenwriting etc.

after i went up to mt tabor and round the reservoir. my legs were aching and endurance flagging. also, was wondering when i got home whether m and i would put an offer in on a house. we did and for some time the future world swelled with
possibilities. offer rejected today. not to despair though. onward, onward.

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