das hund was eine blutwurst

mm been having terrible coughing fits at night, impacting both of our sleeping schedules, not aided by the cats, nocturnal i'm reminded. haven't had good sleep for a wk. but plus we've been busy.

next wk mm has a wk off from write around portland. well-earned and sure to be well-enjoyed. as for me, i realized i only have a couple more super long runs before the marathon. the training goes up and down you see. you'll do a 14 one wk, a 10 the next, a 16 the next, a 12 the next. this wknd is 12 and i'm tickled b/c that's a short one. funny the shift of perspective.

ran 3 mi this am. slept in till the latest possible moment and hence had to take maxwell w/ me. naturally, there were off-leash dogs everywhere. i'm sure if max was more controllable or better trained i'd have less of an issue w/ it but
it's a big frustration.

riding the bus to work this AM down Morrison. red light at 12th. The 70 crossed n bound. saw daniella sitting en route to work (i presume). two souls w/ film-y backgrounds transplanted from LA going to work at their non-film-y day jobs. what does it mean? maybe nothing but it felt like it should mean something. or could? the notion of success has been in the air this wk - pouring full self into work that is not acknowledged while lesser talents or those w/ baser aims find wide-scale approbation. random? godless? difficult to determine. the key is to endure.

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