6 mi run this am. went up to the mt tabor reservoir, circled a few times and came home. no sweat. 2 wks from today is the marathon. unbelievable. also, 2 wks from today i'll take my first sip of alcohol in over 6 mos. been on the wagon for
training's sake but there's a bar in vancouver that mm and i wandered into on our honeymoon w/ an extensive scotch & whisky menu that i'm planning to celebrate
at. certainly we'll imbibe in paris as well, which we'll be in 4 wks from today.

saw into great silence yesterday. a 3 hr movie about monks in the french alps. all the perversions of the monastic life on full display. lots of contemplation. lots of praying. then more contemplation offset by bouts of praying. snow. sunshine. then praying. rather amazing film, though certainly one that demands an amount of patience on the part of the modern viewer.

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