entracement and dis-junction

3 mi training run this am.
starting to really get mental fatigue/burnout again
mm suggests a running partner and/or modulating
the intensity of work out w/ more walk breaks.
i currently am running 14/1 ratio - ie every 14 min i stop running
and walk and gather myself for a minute
maybe i should up it? sometimes i lock into a goal
a little too directly, to my own detriment? also knee troubles about 90 min in for the past few wks
prob not a good sign.
or, at least, a sign of pushing too hard. too much, too soon
my goal here is to finish the marathon really, nothing more.
i'd prefer to beat my previous (slow) times but
whatever. who cares. this wknd is the big, big, biggest
training run to date.

meantime, i'm doing my best to finish a script in the next 2 wks.
it's gonna be tight. [i mean that in terms of the time allotment
not as in street vernacular for the dope-ness of my script].

been reading m. pollan's omnivore's dilemma which i find
both endlessly fascinating and disturbing.

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