latest, at wk's end

sunday is our 7 yr anniversary. doesn't seem possible but here we are 7 yrs prior

i continue to wrestle/battle w/ some dark days and emotional turmoil (which is great fun for marg!) aided no doubt by our continued work on the book. we are well past the point now where each word has completely lost its emotional charge which makes editing difficult. we've (re)lived through the brain tumor experience many times over in our heads but we forget the sheer force that the story inflicts on the casual, uninitiated bystander. it certainly is a conversation killer. when i've been introduced to people at parties and it's come up i may as well have said that i was gang-raped. people aren't sure what to say. what's (in)appropriate?

switching gears (sort of):

dave sent this over yesterday.
i can't stop reading it
(be sure to use scroll feature to
read the whole thing)


Margaret said...

god we're attractive in that photo. i used to think it was a good thing that we looked so good in our wedding pix, because at least we have a record of looking so fabulous. but now i'm not so sure. now it just seems cruel to see how good we looked 7 years ago. without that picture i could convince myself that we are still just as pretty.

bp said...

speak for yourself