through the nasal cavity, etc

thanksgiving come and gone. hard to believe that 2 yrs prior we were in a hotel in boise, id for thanksgiving, one day away from returning to portland after a weeklong drive across the country, after 35 proton beam treatments.

say, that reminds me. how interested are you in seeing some endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery? probably a lot, right? just click here. i didn't have endoscopic (meaning incisions were made in my case) but still. the general uproarious effect is the same!

now december just lays there in front of me. asking me to care.

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KinnicChick said...

You mentioned on my husband's site that you were soon due for your annual tube ride... We are sitting at the hotel. This afternoon is his results appointment and so we wait. (only hours as opposed to the typical days or weeks for some - we are blessed...)

I don't know as I haven't yet asked him if he made it over here to check in with you, when is your check up and I hope you will keep us posted. I believe the connections that we have made through this particular journey have been some of the most incredible...

Best of luck to you. I hope you'll keep us posted.

Keri aka KinnicChick
Wife of HalfBrainBoy (6 1/2 years post surgical)