portland v. boston 1/16/08

i suppose there's no real benefit to griping about the completely lopsided officiating that contributed to record-setting blazer turnovers in last night's game. refereeing is just one of those that's life equations that you can't really do anything about except shrug and presume that it all evens out in the end. still, there were multiple ridiculous calls and uncalled fouls against portland that affected the outcome. But despite that the blazers kept it close and impressive for most of the game, particularly for the youngest team in the league playing on the road, playing the team w/ the best record in the NBA, a team eager to erase their first consecutive losses. the blazers didn't cave, they fought on.

that said, the sight of KG flapping his gums, barking his thuggy barks and spewing his bilious hot air BS was maddening.

here's to the 2/24 rematch at the rose garden...

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