february seeping away

i have not done much posting this month. variety of reasons, the main one being: no real reason. busy w/ a couple different creative pursuits (film, book) and just generally getting my act together. the pursuits are going well though. gathering form and heft. there will be further reports in the coming days on those fronts

however, due to a deafening roar of insistence and curiousity from my blog audience (ie, mom, sister) i feel compelled to toss something up here. i could talk about that cia book i finally finished reading but it would depress you. you should read it though. but it will depress you.

oh, wait! here's two different things that have some bearing on my life:

1) finally (!) got copy of radiologist's notes from my MRI. they use a lot of real impenetrable science and medical language (axio-facial, gerby, flap-bits etc) but all is well. meaning the mass in my head is unchanged. stable. i've been waiting an interminable duration to learn this and, being neurotic, allowed my mind to move to these catastrophic endings that acc. to these notes, are not to be. which is nice.
speaking of catastrophes:
2) in a fit of boredom i googled myself and found this fascinating account of my performace on Jeopardy! several years ago. this was just after film school ended and all i wanted to do was win alot of money to tide me over until the trucks w/ movie studio cash bricks arrived. in other words, i desperately did not want a day job and my game-show appearance was to help in that. however, without a day job i would never have health insurance which can come in handy (see item 1).


Carrie said...

wow...that IS surprisingly fascinating. Too bad they don't have a video of it...I'd like to see that again.

bp said...

i believe there are no remaining copies of that horrid day. it's un-see-able. sorry