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busy as per usual, planning to go out of town as per usual. this time los angeles for a wedding. we should encounter some ghosts and their proxies and extensions as well as some good things too. despite all this planning, pre-planning and plotting, we decided this wknd would be the wknd to paint my office, which necessitated taking every item out, dismantling and dissembling my albatross of a desk, moving the futon to the middle of the room, covering w/ a drop-cloth, waking early sat am to go for a run before we go to buy paint which naturally lead to a whole host of other considerations, factors, variables, and details. after round one of painting yesterday i flopped my self on the couch to watch a movie and mm called down to me mister, get up here right now so i could see the sunset you see above.

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lady said...

wow! that picture turned out amazingly beautiful. nice work mister.