stolen plates

sunday morning i came out of trader joes armed w/ a bag full of snacks for the oscar party and realized that our car did not have a license plate anymore. since the lot was humming w/ activity i presumed that someone scummy ripped it off right in our driveway the previous night. since we did eat on foster the previous night it could have been there too. but chances were, given our proximity to 82nd ave and further our neighbor's recent break-ins, that it was from the house. this made me mad. piping mad.

yesterday at work i called police to report stolen plate. when i arrived home, m was playing cello. there was a license plate on the table. 'what is this?' i said.
'a license plate' she said. 'i can see that' i said. she then went on to inform me that a policeman had just brought it by, found on a stolen car that had been driven off rocky butte. and balance was restored.


ms. yvon said...

holy toledo! great news that your plate was recovered so soon after you'd noticed it missing.
i had my registration tag stolen a few weeks ago. also made me piping mad. the sticker was easily replaced, tho. so that was good.

mogomom said...

people who steal license plates and registration tags are scum.