fits and starts

trailblazers lost last night - 2nd time in as many games - in what was most certainly a winnable game. (poor shooting and questionable officiating work are subjects for another time). there is something about watching an emerging team, a becoming, or - to borrow from their local marketing campaign - (up)rising. in any case, they have stumbled the past couple games. but then they are young. the youngest rotation in the nba. this could be an instance of manufacturing narrative where there is none but mm and i have both encountered similar stumbles creatively in the past couple days. i won't get into all the nitty-gritty of it but if you take the focus off the micro level and move to macro (in all cases, blazers included), the long-term, see the setbacks as instructive tools, part of the growth not an inhibitor to the growth, things seem much better, more possible...

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