man push cart etc.

inspired by ao scott's article on neo neorealists a couple wks ago we watched man push cart last night [which was great. perfect pitch, simple story, etc. in particular as a first film]. i find myself much more aligned aesthetically w/ this 'movement' - provided it is an actual movement and not merely a few distinct films sandwiched under the umbrella of a critic's created construct - than the mumblecore thing. I admire the spirit of mumblecore but the movies can sometimes push the boundaries of patience. i absolutely loathed hannah takes the stairs. there i've said it. and putting bujalski in the same sentence as cassavettes seems dubious, though at least the former manages to shoot on film, unlike the the others, excepting aaron katz b/c danceparty usa looked amazing and so did, for that matter, quiet city. this is all by way of saying i'm much more down w/ the kelly reichardts and ramin bahranis of the world than the joe swanberg's and duplass brothers and andrew bujalskis. it's partially intent, partially execution, partially the implied presumption that if its 2 people in a room talking that it's then a movie. all easier said than done of course. i'm shouting from the peanut gallery. at least for now.

that said here's the trailer for man push cart.


Taffy "Sunburst" McKittrick said...

Wow, I have no idea what you're even talking about! Are those movies? If yes, I haven't seen one of them. I haven't even heard of one of them.

bp said...

yeah Taffy, they're movies. you should watch one, you might like. what kinds of movies do you like?

Taffy "Sunburst" McKittrick said...

Mostly Will Smith movies.