Went to the last game of the regular season last night. Got to sit on the floor (courtesy of my dad who sprung for the tix) which was a much different vantage and experience from sitting in our season tickets in the 300 level (courtesy of my dad who springs for the tix). You could see the nugget thuggery up close, including (unfortunately) chris anderson who is a sort of ridiculous creature. We were giddy and fired up and sadly this caused me - prompted by my dad's funny joke - to spray the beer in my mouth onto the hair and shoulder of the woman sitting in front of me. She, and her husband and daughter, was not really that impressed with me as I muttered 'sorry, so sorry' and handed them tissues with which to wipe themselves off. If you're reading this peeps - and why wouldn't you be? - that's my bad.

My dad's season tix allow him to buy playoff tix so we'll be there sat night, Game 1 of Round 1 vs Houston.

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