i am afraid of dumb people

yes, i'll admit it - i fear dumb people - and i don't believe you can be a birther, a tenther or a teabagger without being dumb. there are gradations of idiocy certainly- running the gamut from box-of-rocks dim to choosing-to-be-uninformed dumb to malevolent denial-of-the-truth-despite-the-facts stupid - and all of them apparently listen to some creature called glenn beck, who i had the extreme misfortune to stumble across on the radio the other day while waiting in the car while m was in the grocery. facts, reason, rationality, logic are all anathema to these people. it will require patience and stomach and bravery, evinced by the likes of this man:


Taffy "Sunburst" McKittrick said...

whoa, that lady is a dumbass of the extreme proportion!! why is she so dumbasses?

CarrieP said...

I become increasingly afraid that the right will win this debate because when I see people like this woman it just drains me of the will to be an American and fight for what I believe in. Why fucking bother making a thoughtful argument if the other side is just going to act like a bunch of idiots?

lady said...

i still firmly believe that the majority of americans think these people are idiots. they just don't say so in polite conversation. isn't that what most of us do??

i still firmly believe that health care will pass (however diluted) and we will at least begin to see the impact in our own lives.

i really really do.

mogomom said...

i have to agree with carrie a little. the woman w/the sign makes my stomach hurt (but since i don't have a job, i don't have health insurance...etc.).
i also agree w/M. is it just that the idiots are louder? I hope that is the only reason.

Gigi Little said...

I'd so like to believe, too, that the majority of Americans think these people are idiots... but, well, I've met a lot of people around this country. I'd like to say that the way the smart and thoughtful people I happen to be lucky enough to hang around with [this sentence is getting a little out of control] - I'd like to say that these people are representative of the rest of the country but... gad, I don't know.

Takoma Park said...

"Teabaggers can't handle dissent" was a video about the day I took my "Public Option, Now!" sign to the Tea Party. Before there was a Public Option sign, there were Obama signs.
I posted a much more upbeat video of thousands of people waiving that sign to celebrate the optimism and joy of the Obama 2008 campaign. I called it "Yes! We Did. Obama 2008 Through the Eyes of a Thousand Supporters. It is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKs4y1YsVoY