This image - taken in 1898 at Willamette University Medical Department, which merged w/ the Univ of Oregon Medical school in 1913 to become OHSU, where i had two brain surgeries in 2005 - comes from a newish book, recommended if you're into that sort of thing, meaning if you need some type of reminder that the clock is ticking - no matter your circumstance - and that it's time to get cracking. The faces of those standing are not so different from you and i (well, minus the bowler hats that is) despite what lies underneath them: the last station on a journey of natural processes.

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xtine said...

my friend,
yes. there isn't really an exit. i mean from the final exit, is there?
all love to you, dear dying one.
my salute as i trip, trippingly, (fucking literally) toward my grave,
your happy x