let's go blazers!

Portland made the front page of the ny times sports section! Oh, wait it's about how bad the blazers are sucking of late. Whatever karmic alchemies were put in place to get the current roster the bill has apparently come due. A mish-mash of non-function and various maladies across players, coaching, owner - ranging from the severe (bladder cancers, lymphomas) to the season-ending (oden) to the season-arresting (outlaw, batum) to minor annoyance (aldridge, fernandez). Oh yeah, plus nate mcmilllan had surgery on his achilles tendon. Quite a turn from last season but you never know. It's early

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lady said...

well add to your list rudy, he had back surgery yesterday (remnant of the gift of his fall last season which we witnessed) and is out for at least 6 weeks.