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Off to a roaring start. all strides in 2009 that felt so epic at the time feel now like foundational groundwork, support beams put into place. ny eve m and i sat in a bar and - as is our tradition - shared a top ten list (best moments of yr, followed by worst) as well as naming the year to come (2009 was Year of Right Now) and announcing the things we hope to experience or happen in the new year, be it individually or as a marital unit. by coincidence we each came up w/ 10.

spent wknd home, ailing from some mid-range unshakeable cold. cleaned the house. watched sugar, the auteur, and taste of cherry - all great in 3 totally different ways. blazer game. breakfast. complete rehaul, cleaning of my office, taking away all the parts that i don't need any more, or at least don't need in there anymore. prepping a short film, shoots in two wks. planning for puerto rico in three wks. took down tree, put its bare lonely husk by yard clipping bin in driveway. made indian food for the 1st time (eggplant w/ garbanzos, cauliflower w/ spinach) helped m w/ her website, quit alcohol and sugar (at least til puerto rico) and went to yoga.

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