wk in movies

this will no doubt be the source of endless fun for m, making fun of me that is but i'm going to save/post movie tickets from here on in. yeah, there i've said it. above, please find offerings this week:

virgin suicides 1.22 at the laurelhurst, still holds up 10 yrs later. pretty amazing for a debut feature. tone straight out of picnic at hanging rock. works.

an education 1.23 at the hollywood, which i loved until the last 5 minutes. ending felt like out of a diff movie, syrupy score along w/ seasons-change montage. bad character actions have no repercussions. very odd. felt focus-grouped and studio-tinkered. i'd be interested to know how much it changed from original script.

up in the air 1.20 at cinemagic. i liked a lot. did not love. likely a case of raised expectation.


lady said...

please insert the word "dork" in between a fake cough.

thank you.

ps - good luck with this endeavor

CarrieP said...

I liked Up in The Air a lot too, but it kind of fell apart at the end. It felt like it wanted to go somewhere or say something but in the end it was just...over.

I'd watch GC read the phonebook though. It doesn't have to be good. :)