wknd, movies

managed to get 6 movies in this wknd. oh glory and beauteousness!

'field guide for november days' at nw film ctr. shot and directed by local
filmmaker nick peterson. among its merits the production was shot nearly all by bicycle - yes an incredibly portland-y notion - and features local actor and musician joe haege who (shameless plug) wrote a song for my latest short film (which is done!) which you can see soon.

small change by truffaut at the hollywood theater. restored print. i had never seen this and am still reeling. wow.

un prophete at the academy. one of the shining glories of living in portland is being able to watch cinema and enjoy a fine oatmeal stout
at the same time. this cannot be overstated.

down in the bone by debra granik. watched this at home netflix on demand.
reminded me very much - in a great way - of brian lindstrom's finding normal but
w/ vera farmiga

bicycle thieves at hollywood theatre. restored, brand-new print. or so they said. the last reel appeared to have been from a different print.

medicine for melancholy, at home on dvd. the 2nd time i saw this wk. loved, loved. the antithesis of mumblecore. tight time frame, 2 characters,
mostly talking, still cinematic, still compelling.

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