one more time around the sun

'yesterday it was my birthday, i hung one more year on the line'. so goes a song lyric. here's what happened:

woke up and ran up to the mt tabor reservoir. it was my first time running in several weeks (was sick, then busy, then sick and busy). felt important to mark the day w/ a run because i can. i thought of my 5 birthdays since diagnosis and i ran a little bit harder. i thought of those currently in battle who can't run and i began to sprint. a loop in my head: life is a gift, life is a gift...

got a ride downtown w/ m. dropped her at work and walked to stumptown. had a double americano and read the new york times book review.

walked to living room theaters and saw no one knows about persian cats - about, among other things, the rise of creative expression in oppressive regimes. loved it. in addition to having the theater to myself, i learned about an iranian hip-hop artist named Hichkas. watch this.

After the movie i went to nearby food carts and took my lunch to newly opened Director Park. Walked back to burnside and browsed at Powell's for an hour. it was difficult b/c i had about 40 bucks on a gift card (or rather i was entitled to half of an 80$ gift card, m has the other half) and i kept finding expensive books to buy.

went back to living room and saw the girl with the dragon tattoo, which i quite loved. seen several genre movies lately that were all expertly crafted (mother, north face, the ghost writer, memories of murder).

walked to m's building and got a ride home.
we threw tennis balls with the dog.
we rode bikes to montavilla and ate at country cat.
we came home
i finished off the bottle of single malt scotch that i received at last year's birthday
i felt that message from the universe, still thumping in my chest
life is a gift, life is a gift...


CarrieP said...

Two living room movies in one day? Such decadence!

bp said...

indeed. plus monday's it's only 5 bucks per ticket.

Stephilius said...

Gratitude is the best place to be - and it's a really lovely thing to see/read.

iozl said...

Happy bday!
Thanks for the Living Room 5 buck tip. (Thought it was always 9 or 10 bucks....)